Are other vendors your next recruit?!

I am so excited to be a direct sales consultant at this time of year!!    Vendor events, parties, holiday sets….I love it all!!  lol

I just did an event this weekend where I met a ton of other vendors and while the event itself wasn’t overly busy, making those contacts can be my biggest takeaway!   The key to vendor events is to make contacts…then follow up and whenever possible, stay connected to those people.  Offering value to new contacts is a great way of staying in touch without making others feel like you always WANT something!  With this in mind, I always offer to share info regarding other events I’m doing and I ask them to do the same.  It allows me future opportunities to mingle with some of the same people!  They ask me again how my business is going and I give them my update…my subtle recruiting approach 😉   Outwardly trying to recruit someone who is active in their current business can be a turn off but befriending someone, getting to know them, helping them book other events, all the while chatting casually about my business plants seeds that may eventually grow into something more. When that person decides they are ready for a new business venture…here I am!     I have been the committed, successful, helpful consultant others want to work with.  Build relationships and you will build your business 🙂

Tip: Write down as much info as you can regarding everyone you meet and chat with, including vendors.  Refer to these details when following up so they feel as though they are chatting with someone who knows them versus receiving a cold call. Try to add as many to Facebook as you can and STAY CONNECTED!   You should always be adding to your ‘list’ and while a well attended event is great, other vendors can also make great contacts!   


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