Jamberry Nails…UNDER gel? You betcha!

We all know how awesome Jamberry Nails are right?!  T hey look amazing, no chipping, no smelly odour, easy to apply and super long lasting!  But what if I told you that you can also wear your jams over acrylic nails or UNDER gel? Yes you can!  If you love artificial nails, love the length or find they help your nails grow, you can combine the two to get the perfect design variety and still enjoy acrylic or gel nails!

How can you apply gel over jams?  Its easy!

  • apply a strengthening base coat to your nail first
  • apply jamberry wraps as usual
  • buff the wrap to remove the shine (not essential but can help get more wear time!)
  • using Gelish (its a brand) apply a thin coat of gel foundation and cure using LED lamp for 60 secs
  • apply a gel top coat, cure for 60 secs with LED lamp, repeat and cure for 90 secs


Gel over Jams...you betcha!

Gel over Jams…you betcha!

While jams on their own are amazing, for all of you gel lovers, you can enjoy the best of both worlds 🙂




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