Get ready Australia for the Jamberry Invasion!

Are you from Australlia or New Zealand and interested in all the details on Jamberry’s upcoming launch? Check out my new AU/NZ specific blog where you can find all the info you need! Subscribe to have the info sent straight to your inbox 🙂

New Party Plan Biz hits Australia & New Zealand!

Hellllo Jamberry lovers!

If you live in Australia or New Zealand and have been following Jamberry for a while you must be busting with excitement over the upcoming launch!!!   Jamberry has recently announced an expansion to Australia & New Zealand taking place on October 1st!  It is such an exciting time and I am thrilled to bring you all the details!  If you are already planning to join or just learning about Jamberry for the first time, follow my blog for all the info & updates as we get them 🙂

If you are interested in more information about the products or the opportunity to create your own successful home business with Jamberry, contact me or check out my site for more info!   Already a Jamberry lover and ready to get started?  Click here for info on joining my team on September 15!!!  That’s right, you can order your consultant kit…

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