Today is the day! Join my Australia/New Zealand team 2 weeks before the Jamberry launch!

Wow…what an exciting day!!  So far my team has added 50+ new consultants from Australia & New Zealand since 2am AEST….INCREDIBLE!!

I am thrilled by the excitement and sheer passion of all the consultants that literally couldn’t wait to join and were online waiting for the website to go live so they could order their consultants kits 🙂

Jamberry offers an incredible opportunity to make great money, be social but even more important is the relationships that are being built literally across the globe in some cases and bringing neighbours together in others!   Such a bond we share… a group of Jamberry junkies that are hard working, motivated, supportive, multitasking women (and men!) literally juggling more than I can bare to think at times….lol

I am so thrilled to call this my ‘job’.  It’s more of a passion that I get paid to live each day and I couldn’t feel more blessed on this day to be welcoming so many more new consultants to our team 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about the Jamberry opportunity in Canada, the US, Australia or New Zealand, please feel free to contact me!  I would love to help you see success in a business you love!!!

To join my team today, click here!




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