Recruiting at Parties!

Your number 1 goal at parties should be to book more parties…this we know.  If you want to build a team in your business then your next goal should be recruiting.   Parties are a GREAT opportunity to show guests how amazing your job is, how well you get paid and how much you love it so take advantage of that opportunity.  Studies show that 50% of guests will leave the party curious about what you do…50% is huge!

Regardless of how you choose to run your parties, you should be speaking at some point so be sure to talk about your business!  Don’t assume guests aren’t interested because the facts tell us otherwise.  Be sure to talk about:

  • Why you joined
  • What you love about it
  • How joining has positively impacted your life (this is connected to your ‘why’).  If you joined to get out more, talk about how being a consultant allows you to get out, mingle and have fun with fantastic ladies like the ones at the party and how you can do all that around a schedule that works for you.  If you joined for the income, mention something that your extra income has paid for or how the extra money has made your life easier in some way.

Look for green flags throughout the party!  A green flag is an indication that someone may be interested in your business.

Green flags may include:

  • questions about any aspect of the business
  • placing a large order
  • paying close attention to how samples are applied
  • a high level of overall interest in what you do and how you do it

You can also use tools at parties to gauge interest in your business such as:

  • door prize slip ~ directly asks the guests about their level of interest
  • A sign that says ‘Consultants Wanted ~ Average income $25-50 per hour’ and you can also add ‘Ask me for an information package!’  or something to that effect.
  • recruiting packages ~ bring at least 2-3 recruiting packages with you that include a catalog, a brochure, your contact info, some samples to take home and play around with (and share!), a recruiting letter and a note from you thanking them for their interest in the business.   Let guests know that you have 2-3 packages with you and that anyone who would like one is welcome to it.  I would hand them to the guest and at the same time, set up a time to chat with her about it.  DO NOT give out recruiting packages without establishing a time to discuss it!   Setting up this follow up appointment with her encourages her to go home and check out the package. It also makes following up considerably more effective when you have already established a time that is convenient for both of you.  I can’t stress enough how important this is!!

Recruiting after the party ~

A few ways that you can continue to work on recruiting after the party include:

  • reach out to each guest and thank them for coming (calls are often best…more personal), adding them on FB whenever you can and adding a host/join brochure to their order when it arrives.   Adding them on FB means you can continue to expose them to your business!
  • send a follow up email (in addition to the call/voicemail left) and give them the party breakdown including the hostess rewards earned and comment on the overall fun and success of the party!  (This is also a great way to book more parties!)
  • Use the “I get paid to have pretty nails’ stickers to put on the orders
  • Go for the party booking whenever you can!   We know hostesses are often the most interested in our business so if you aren’t sure of their interest level as a consultant, book a party with her first.  Continue to look for green flags while you are working together on the party.
  • Before closing the party, chat with the hostess and let her know the hostess rewards earned at her party but also let her know the commission earned as well!   Talk about the kit credit before redeeming the rewards and offer that option as well.

Recruiting at parties should be one of the most effective ways to build your business!   Be sure to have this in mind when preparing for and hosting parties.   If you have great sales but are struggling to recruit, use some of these tips and watch your team grow 🙂


Struggling to Book Parties?

I think it is safe to say that most people know how important parties are in your business….parties ARE your business!  It is where you will gain new customers, meet potential recruits and the easiest place to book more parties which propels your business forward.  The goal at every party should be to book at least 2 parties.  If you are booking 2 parties at every party you do, you are growing your business!

Having said that, booking parties isn’t always easy for many home party consultants. Why?  I think it is in large part due to the fact that many consultants feel like they are actively trying to book parties when what they are really doing is passively trying to book parties.

Passive booking attempts include:

  • Posting on Facebook asking if anyone wants to book a party.
  • Leaving business cards around town hoping someone will call.
  • Handing out samples without obtaining any contact information or doing any follow up.
  • Hoping past customers will contact you to book.

Active booking techniques are focused on being direct in your booking approach and include:

  • #1 ~ ASKING someone to book a party! This includes friends, family, co workers, past customers, past hostesses, anyone who has received a sample etc
  • Posting on Facebook asking if anyone wants to book AND tagging friends who have said they are interested (even better is to follow that up with a phone call or personal message!)
  • Handing out samples AND following up!

The major difference difference between active and passive booking techniques is where you put the emphasis to book the party!   Active techniques put the emphasis on you while passive techniques put the emphasis on others, usually no one specific!   Booking parties will always be a bigger priority for you then anyone else so make it your job to ask and follow up and you will see your bookings increase.  If you are looking at the list above and you can clearly see that your booking efforts fall under the ‘passive’ approach, well… you know why you aren’t booking parties!

It is not to say that you wont ever book a party using a passive approach, but it certainly isn’t an effective way for a consultant to grow her business.  The best booking approach is one that incorporates BOTH techniques and allows you to get maximum exposure for your business while keeping the emphasis on an active approach to booking 🙂

Are other vendors your next recruit?!

I am so excited to be a direct sales consultant at this time of year!!    Vendor events, parties, holiday sets….I love it all!!  lol

I just did an event this weekend where I met a ton of other vendors and while the event itself wasn’t overly busy, making those contacts can be my biggest takeaway!   The key to vendor events is to make contacts…then follow up and whenever possible, stay connected to those people.  Offering value to new contacts is a great way of staying in touch without making others feel like you always WANT something!  With this in mind, I always offer to share info regarding other events I’m doing and I ask them to do the same.  It allows me future opportunities to mingle with some of the same people!  They ask me again how my business is going and I give them my update…my subtle recruiting approach 😉   Outwardly trying to recruit someone who is active in their current business can be a turn off but befriending someone, getting to know them, helping them book other events, all the while chatting casually about my business plants seeds that may eventually grow into something more. When that person decides they are ready for a new business venture…here I am!     I have been the committed, successful, helpful consultant others want to work with.  Build relationships and you will build your business 🙂

Tip: Write down as much info as you can regarding everyone you meet and chat with, including vendors.  Refer to these details when following up so they feel as though they are chatting with someone who knows them versus receiving a cold call. Try to add as many to Facebook as you can and STAY CONNECTED!   You should always be adding to your ‘list’ and while a well attended event is great, other vendors can also make great contacts!