Jamberry kicks off early sign up in Australia & New Zealand!

What an incredible week so far!  I am so grateful to have qualified to sponsor my team early in Australia & New Zealand 🙂  I am thrilled to welcome over 225 new consultants to our team in the past 4 days!   It is such a blessing to have so many wonderful new team members and the excitement is through the roof as so many are already receiving their new consultant kits….eeeeek!   New adventures are always a blast and I know with this incredible group of new consultants it will be quite the ride!

If you are interested in getting started with Jamberry I would love to help 🙂   If you are ready to get started, click here!

If you would like more information, contact me so we can chat 🙂

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Excited to join Jamberry but need a sponsor?

New Party Plan Biz hits Australia & New Zealand!

Joining a party plan biz is so exciting!!   The tough part can be finding the right sponsor to support you in your business.  If you are interested in the Jamberry opportunity and are not currently working with a consultant, I would love to help you launch your business!   I have been a consultant with Jamberry for two years and joined on Day 1 in Canada so I am very familiar with the ups and downs of launching in a new area 🙂

To be successful in your business you need to decide what you want out of it, set goals to work towards and create a plan of action to get you there (<- this is where the right sponsor can really help!).  Whether you are motivated to create a fabulous full time income or just looking to pay a few extra bills each month, Jamberry can help!

If you…

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Try it Tuesday ~ Jamberry Samples Available!

Today is ‘Try it Tuesday’ here at The Nail Revolution!

If you haven’t already tried our awesome nail wraps, I invite you to request your free sample here and take the Jamberry 7 Day Challenge!

All you do is:

  • apply your sample as directed to one accent nail on each hand
  • apply your favourite polish to the rest of your nails
  • take a pic on day 1 and a pic on day 7
  • post the pics here on my Jamberry fan page for your chance to win!

Its that easy!

7 day challenge



Mani Monday!

Introducing Mani Monday with The Nail Revolution!

Every Monday this summer I plan to feature one of my favourite manis ~ Jamberry style of course!

So todays mani is ‘Mermaid Tales’…partly because I love it and a little inspired by my day at the beach…lol

What do you think?  If you would wear this design, comment below and let us know!mermaid

If you love this design and just have to have it, you can order it here!  And don’t forget that most wraps are buy 3 get 1 free 🙂